Kati Mansikkaniemi

Being an art photographer isn't something that I have planned in any phases of my life, until at the adult age. After bying first Nikon ff-camera, I started seriously to see all the surroundings in new perspectives. 


I am passionate to find different nuances of emotions, movements and feelings and capture them in pictures. Especially in the woods and by the water. I want my viewers to feel the energy and shades that I have felt when taking the picture - my main goal is to create emotional impacts. Being an art photographer is my way of expressing myself and my emotions.


My favourite shooting places are in the depth of Finnish nature as well as anywhere abroad. Therefore I'm always ready for a trip! I am a visualist and a creative mind who loves everything that comes with it. I love to work with different locations and people wherever my path is taking me. 


I am currently working as a freelancer and I'm always interested in a challenge.

Reach out to info@katimansikkaniemi.fi to connect!